Complexity Science has a privileged position to largely contribute to the advance of knowledge in social and economic systems. In this context, big data generated by Information Technologies has brought an unprecedented opportunity to explore human interactions and to better understand social and economic systems. Furthermore, the presence of new technologies provides new means of effective interaction among people and triggers the emergence of new social phenomena. The summer school will provide specific training on this new fast developing field addressed to Master and PhD students and to young postdocs.  In particular, the school will cover the following 4 main courses:

  • Epidemic modeling, by Marco Ajelli, Bruno Kessler Foundation, Trento, Italy, and Northeastern University, Boston, USA.
  • Economic systems, by Stefano BattistonInstitut für Banking und Finance, Universität Zürich, Switzerland.
  • Modeling of social systems: social influence dynamics and intergroup relations by Andreas Flache, Dept. Sociology, Groningen University, The Netherlands.
  • Big data analysis, by Bruno Gonçalves, Center for Data Science, New York University, NYC, USA.

The duration of the School is one week September 4-8, 2017, including one hour daily sessions of each of these main courses. The work language is English. The School will additionally comprise seminars and hands-on sessions in the afternoon. Participants are required to attend the full duration of the school and they are encouraged to present their research as a poster and as a short talk. The maximum poster size is 90 (width) x 120 (height)  cm and they can be printed in Palma using local printing companies. Sorry, we cannot print them at IFISC. Any one is good but there is one, impresrapit: , which has a location in campus next to the school (in the Mateu Orfila building). If you select this option, please make sure that the poster is ready for Monday 4 after lunch.

There is a registration fee of 100 euros to attend the school. Lunch and coffee breaks for all participants will be covered by the organization. Participants will have to cover the lodging expenses. A special price of 167 euros (single room) or 137.6 euros (shared double room) half-board, total for the five nights of the school, has been arranged with the Student Residence of the University of the Balearic Islands.

The number of participants is limited. Registration is now closed.